10 Youngest Billionaires in the World

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 1. Dustin Moskovitz: (Age 28 Years)
According to the March 2011 edition of the Forbes magazine Moskovitz is the youngest self made millionaire in the world because he owns 7.6% share in Facebook and his current net worth is $3.8 billion. He was one of the room mates of Mark Zuckerberg  at Harvard. He should thank the hostel warden for assigning him the “perfect room” at college.


 2. Mark Zuckerberg(Age 28 Years)
Who doesn’t know him. He is just eight days elder to Moskovitz. He is the founder and currently the chairman of Facebook Inc. His net worth at the moment is $13.3 billion. 
3. Scott Duncan (Age 30 Years)
He inherited a large fortune from  Dan Duncan who made money in the pipeline business. He is worth $5.1 billion and is ranked #239 on the Forbes billionaire list. 


 4. Sean Parker (Age 33 Years)
 He founded Napster and is the initial president of Facebook Inc. He also founded a bunch of other companies and is worth $2.1 billion.
5. Jack Dorsey (Age 36 Years)
He is a web developed and the founder of another online social sensation called Twitter. He also founded “Square” which is a mobile payments company. His net worth is $1.1 billion.


6. Chase Coleman (Age 37 Years)
 He is a self made man who made his fortune from hedge funds and is the founder and CEO of Tiger Global Management. His net worth is around $1.4 billion.
7. John Arnold (Age 39 Years)
He too made his money from hedge funds.  He founded Centaurus Advisors. He is worth $2.8 billion.
8. Sergey Brin (Age 39 Years)
He is one of the founders of the search engine giant Google. He ranks #21 on the Forbes list and is worth $22.8 billion.
9. Larry Page (Age 40 Years)
He is the founder and CEO of Google and is worth $23 billion.
 10. Kevin Plank (Age 40 Years)
He is the founder and CEO of Under Armour Inc. His net worth is $1.2 billion.


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