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23 Mar 2014

Facebook To Provide Free Internet Around The World Using Solar-powered Drones

It sucks to be without internet in the modern day and age, right? In times we live in, internet disconnection for mere seconds alone can account for sudden mood swings. Are you one of the unlucky folks
23 Mar 2014

This Tiny Camera Could Take Real Time 3D Images From Inside the Heart and Blood Vessels

Technology seems to be making life a whole lot easier for the likes of doctors and scientists, alike. Now surgeons can benefit from 3D images showing the insides of human arteries and veins from more than one direction. All thanks to
26 Jan 2014

Mac Vs. PC

25 Jan 2014

Five Reasons Your Smartphone Battery Runs Out Quickly

Over the past decade, mobile phone capability has improved at an incredible rate. We can do things with those little devices in our hands that twenty, ten or even five years ago we would have thought impossible.
7 Dec 2013

10 Awesome Google Tricks

1.  Type “Do a Barrel Roll ” And Press “I’m Feeling Lucky”
7 Dec 2013


22 Feb 2013

Top 10 Facts You Need to Know About Google Glass