Did you know that Facebook knows how many times you’ve stalked your…

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The social networking site Facebook has become such a significant part of our lives over the past few years that we just can’t get pull ourselves away from it. Whether we’re wondering what our friends are doing, updating our page with our latest adventures or stalking our last ex-partner, nothing remains secret to the social networking giant.

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Reports state that Facebook is keeping track of each search each of its users. Even if you’re located in the most distant area in the world, the site knows just how many times you’ve typed your ex’s name in the search bar.

No judgment here – it’s absolutely normal to stalk your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend on Facebook. Fortunately for you, Facebook won’t tell your dirty little secret to your friends. Furthermore, if you’re too scared by this information, there’s an option which can save your life – just delete your stalking search history.

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