Get Rid of Holi Colours from Your Skin & Hair

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You can’t wait to get awashed in colours of Holi. But the tediousness of scrubbing them off post the festival can ruin all the fun. That’s why we have a few easy tips and home remedies for damage-freehair and skin after Holi.


Skin & Hair Care Before Holi

1) Apply a generous amount of castor or olive oil on your hair before you step out of the house to play with colours. The layer of oil will not only protect your hair, but the colours will also come off effortlessly.

2) Moisturise your face, lips and dab tons of body lotion to all exposed parts of your body. This works like a shield and Holi colours can be easily washed off.

3) To protect your nails from colour stains, paint them with a dark nail colour. After Holi, remove the nail paint.

4) If someone acts mischievous and smears some harsh colour on your face, wash it off immediately with cold water. This will prevent them from staining your face in colourful patches that stay on for an annoyingly long time.

5) For those who want to play with dry colours, apply foundation to shield your skin from any damages.

Hair Care After Holi 

If your hair turns rough or you suffer from hair loss post Holi, follow these home remedies.

1)      Massage your hair with olive and almond oil every night.

2)      Make a simple hair pack by soaking a few fenugreek seeds in four tablespoons of curd. Apply this pack or an egg yolk on your scalp and wash your hair with a good shampoo after 30 minutes.

3)      For strong hair, mix one tablespoon of vinegar and three tablespoons of hair oil and apply it to the hair.

Skin Care After Holi

1) Always use cold water to scrub off colours.

2) Do not be too harsh on your skin or take frequent baths and wash your face often. This can make your skin dry.

3) Apply some coconut oil on your skin before your bath and gently scrub off the colour.

4) Rub a few lemon wedges to areas on your body with colour stain. This lightens the stain. Soak some amchur powder in water and scrub your body with this mixture to get rid of colour.

5) Moisturise your skin immediately after a bath.

6) Go for facials or a facial bleach only a week after Holi.


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